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When a Muslim dies, he or she is washed and shrouded before burial. The shroud, or its cost, should be taken from the wealth left behind by the deceased. In most cases, the family of the deceased often purchases this shroud for the mosque or funeral home where the deceased is to be buried.

Many of us don't think about death and the fact that it can come at any time, let alone prepare for it, yet our predecessors were always concerned with it. Ibn al-Jawzee said:

It is incumbent upon the sensible person to make preparations for his departure (from this world), for indeed he neither knows when the command of his Lord will descend nor when he will be called back. Indeed, I see many people deceived by youthfulness, forgetful of the loss of companions, and infatuated with prolonged expectations.

And he forgets that death will descend unexpectedly; therefore, the sensible person gives every moment its right with regards to what is obligatory upon him so that when death suddenly arrives, he is considered prepared…'

[Saydul Khaatir, page 18]

At The Muslim Shroud, we sell a complete janazah pack for individuals to purchase and keep aside to be used at the time of their death. The pack can also be purchased by mosques and funeral homes where the washing and shrouding takes place.